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Green chili slopper

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Chili, Herbs & Spices, Mexican, North American, Soups & Stews, South American

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The Green chili slopper is the name of the recipe.

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Step one:Recipe by : traditional pueblo.
Step two:Co tavern food for a basic slopper , place half a hamburger bun in a bowl , add cooked = ground beef , or shredded cooked beef , or cooked ground pork , or shredded = cooked pork , or grilled shredded chicken breast or whatever turns you on;= pour on steaming hot green chile , s prinkle on some grated cheddar , or jack , or jack with jalepenos , or even = mexican velveeta.
Step three:Top with some chopped onions and all the chopped jalape= nos you dare.
Step four:Serve with warm flour tortillas and lots of napkins.
Step five:A frosted schoone= r of beer is the perfect "washer." rolaids or pepto bismol , on-the-side , is acceptable

This recipe is Category of Chili, Herbs & Spices, Mexican, North American, Soups & Stews, South American.
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Rating: bad (1)
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